wooden surfboard building class

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wooden surfboard building class

Beitragvon paulitspaul » 28.06.2011, 09:30

hi folks, hi leute,

after a very successful workshop last march, where ten hollow wooden surfboards were build, i will host two more workshops at my place in solva/pembrokeshire/wales/uk.

me and Rich Blundell (treetosea, grain surfboards) will teach you how to build a hollow wooden surfboard with the strip and feather method used by a lot of builders.

no woodworking skills are needed. all the paulownia and cedar needed to construct the shape of your choice will be provided.

dates are: 12.-14. august and 19.-21. august

for impressions from the last workshop check out:
http://treetosea.org/2011/03/18/solva-u ... op-update/
http://seakjell.blogspot.com/2011/03/bu ... art-1.html

information on prices, available shapes, etc.:

check out treetosea.org
contact me at paulitspaul@gmx.net
or call paul 07790795117
ich spreche auch deutsch...
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