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Das Surfforum für alle Themen rund ums Surfen, die in keines der Spezialforen passen.

Acquista database di alta qualità registrato / falso, patent

Acquista database di alta qualità registrato / falso, patente di guida italiana, carte d'identità, ((docconsultancy99@gmail.com))

24Document Consultants è la società più affidabile e può aiutarti con tutte le tue false patenti di guida italiane e carte d'identità italiane e patenti di guida italiane autentiche e necessità di carte d'identità italiane. Realizziamo falsi di alta qualità, nonché patenti di guida italiane registrate, carte d'identità,
Puoi ordinare una falsa patente di guida ...
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I got a big sore at my toe during surfing.

Hi all,

I am not a really good surfer, but I can handle myself like a fish in water and have surfed on and off for a long time with short and longbards. I don't do all the tricks but I can ride a wave.

Lately I've been dragging my right big toe and sort of standing on it or twisting it as I stand up. It all happens so quickly as I pop up ...
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Nach Italien reisen


ich möchte mal an die Landschaft und daher bin ich auf der Suche nach einem tollen Angebot für Italien, hat jemand irgendwelche Tipps?

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The Pain of Buy Fallout 76 Caps

What You Should Do to Find Out About Buy Fallout 76 Caps Before You're Left Behind

Elder Scrolls Online just appears to be a way better experience if you need to play a bethesda game together with other folks. While Fallout 76 is a multiplayer experience, you don't need to take part in player-versus-player combat in case you don't wish to. Fallout 76 will get absolutely free updates for several years.
It was produced by ...
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Rs3 Gold - the Conspiracy

The Unusual Secret of Rs3 Gold

Creating a ring using bits of gold is something which you can do in your own house, whether you would like to begin a business of creating and selling jewelry that is hand-crafted or maybe to do this as a pastime. There are more than a few reasons why we are the perfect location to purchase gold from. Everyone knows, you might get cheated.
Naturally, the method is to ...
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Greetings from the Seychelles everyone!

Hi all,

I'm Agnes Jacob, 26 yrs old and living in the beautiful Seychelles since 5 years now having moved from Ireland.
I've been lurking on this forum for the past year and would like to say thanks for all the laughs and awesome tips/advice!

I've been surfing for 1 year now. It's funny you know, i've never ever been exposed to surfing AT ALL and in any form, did not know what it was ...
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Surf Dreams

Hi all,

I've been having lots of surf dreams lately - always weird waves in weird circumstances....I haven't been out enough lately and the times I have been out have been meh conditions.

Anyone else have them? And why do you think you have surf dreams? Are they good waves or are they frustrating situations?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.


animated ...
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Flug verspätet

hat jemand von Euch schon mal mit einer Flugverspätung zu tun gehabt? Ich meine dabei nicht 5 oder 10 Minuten, sondern einige Stunden.
Solange musste ich in Portugal auf meinen Heimflug warten. Kann man da was tun?
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Vor nicht langer Zeit habe ich mich für SUP-Surfen interessiert. Ich habe viel darüber im Internet gelesen. Ich habe aber immer Information gefunden, die sehr unterschiedlich war. Am Anfang hat es mich aus dem Konzept gebracht, weil es für mich schwer war, richtigen Auswahl zu machen.Wenn ich noch rescherschiert habe, habe ich eine Webseite gefunden, auf die Information leicht zum Verständnis war. Auf diesem Grund möchte ich diese Webseite hier erstellen, damit Sie mir ...
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getting stuck behind on take off


Even though I have been surfing for some time now, every now and then I see myself in this pathetic situation, where I paddle for the wave (usually when it's hollow), but the board seems to get "stuck" on top of the wave, eventually behind the lip. I see other guys paddling for the same waves, and it's like their board "sink" enough on the wave that they can take off just slightly before ...
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