Diagnose my cable/internet problem

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Diagnose my cable/internet problem

Beitragvon eldonpace » 02.08.2018, 14:54


Every once in a while, my internet and/or cable will cut out. Usually, to fix the internet, I can unplug the cable modem, disconnect the wall-to-splitter coax and hook that directly into the modem, and then power the modem back on. It'll get its connection back, and then I can switch the cables back out and it holds.
I tried switching the two coax cables from the splitter to the digital box and the modem around, and I haven't seen my cable cut out -- and my modem doesn't seem to be messing up anymore. Anyway, it looks like this all points to a bad splitter. While I can replace it, I don't want to if there's really no reason it'd be malfunctioning. Are there higher-quality splitters out there that I should be looking at to prevent this problem? Any ideas?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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