Winter Job 2014/15

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Winter Job 2014/15

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My name is Mike Steffl from germany and i’m 26 years old. I Surf now around 4 years and was surfing already in a lot countries. (Portugal, Spain, Australia, Bali, New Zealand). I learned it in Australia in 2010.
From September 2013 - December 2013 I worked as a surf instructors, maintenance staff and bartenders in LaLuzSurfcamp in El Palmar / Conil de la Frontera (Spain). My tasks goods surf lesson the children (German / English), cocktail bar led and maintenance of the camps. There were surf lessons 3 hours a day and 5-6 hours labor camp (airport transportation, shopping, maintenance of surfboards and surf equipment, maintenance of the camp). Through my many years of experience in the craft and my experience as a snowboard instructor and department head of Skischool thats why the takes are not so hard for me. I teach snowboarding and skiing for 10 years already. For two years, I have the management of the snowboard department of the local mountain ski and snowboard school in Reit in Winkl/ Germany. I love it but have to work in the sun, beach and sea than on the mountain in the snow and that is why I am looking for a job in a surf camp. Unfortunately, I don’t have an ISA card. The Level 1 and Level 2 trainin would i like to do. My hobbies are not only surfing but also SUP, Longboard (skateboard), climbing, running, mountain biking, motocross, River Surfing photography, DJ.
Currently I work in the outdoor industry as a guide in Adventures high ropes courses, rafting, Flying Fox and many more. My whole year consists of sport and teach in the fresh air.
I Speak English and German. Spanish I'm just about to learn. My strengths are: teamwork, open for new experiences, resilience, Flexible As of December 2014 I would like to start in your surf camp to work.
In an answer I would be very happy. Hang loose Mike Steffl
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