I got a big sore at my toe during surfing.

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I got a big sore at my toe during surfing.

Beitragvon amandamurray110 » 16.07.2019, 21:00

Hi all,

I am not a really good surfer, but I can handle myself like a fish in water and have surfed on and off for a long time with short and longbards. I don't do all the tricks but I can ride a wave.

Lately I've been dragging my right big toe and sort of standing on it or twisting it as I stand up. It all happens so quickly as I pop up on the board and I feel the pain either during or after the wave. I am overweight and am a little less agile in getting to the standing position as I used to. I usually use the pop of the wave as much as possible to help me get up. Years ago I have once actually stood on the first joint of the toe and fractured it when it was a really cold day - I hadn't caught a wave or moved much in the water for ten minutes prior. It's the second joint back from the tip of the big toe that's giving me trouble now and it's getting arthritis or something now because I keep working it over somehow when popping up on the board. (I'm 29 years old).
Anyone heard of this before? Any ideas.



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