wooden surfboard building class

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wooden surfboard building class

Beitragvon paulitspaul » 28.06.2011, 09:29

hi folks, hi leute,

after a very successful workshop last march, where ten hollow wooden surfboards were build, i will host two more workshops at my place in solva/pembrokeshire/wales/uk.

me and Rich Blundell (treetosea, grain surfboards) will teach you how to build a hollow wooden surfboard with the strip and feather method used by a lot of builders. Ich bin Deutscher, he is american.

no woodworking skills are needed. all the paulownia and cedar needed to construct the shape of your choice will be provided.

dates are: 12.-14. august and 19.-21. august

for impressions from the last workshop check out:
http://treetosea.org/2011/03/18/solva-u ... op-update/
http://seakjell.blogspot.com/2011/03/bu ... art-1.html

information on prices, available shapes, etc.:

check out treetosea.org
contact me at paulitspaul@gmx.net
or call paul 07790795117
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